Device demonstrations allow consumers to compare features and benefits of several devices in a particular category.

Demonstrations are for individuals, or a small group of individuals to assist in making an informed choice on what devices will aid in their independence in a particular area. We have equipment in a variety of categories including vision, hearing, learning disabilities, cognitive issues, speech communication, mobility, activities of daily living and computer access.

During and after a device demonstration, consumers can:

  • Compare features of one or more similar devices or software systems
  • Experience hands-on time exploring similar devices or software systems
  • Ask questions
  • Receive professional advice
  • Make a decision whether or not to borrow a device for short-term loan
  • Make a decision on what devices to purchase for daily life

AT Coordinator, Jesse Armijo, providing a demonstration of speech communication devices.

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NMTAP is a program of the State of New Mexico Governor’s Commission on Disability, under a grant from the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Community Living.