NMTAP offers free services to New Mexicans with disabilities to help them get the assistive technology (AT) services they need. It is a statewide program designed to increase knowledge of, access to, and acquisition of assistive or adaptive technology for anyone with any disability, anywhere in the state, of any age.

This is to alert you that the toll free number 1-855-891-8295 has not been active with NMTAP for several years.
Do not call this number!

Some very old NMTAP brochures are still available across New Mexico that includes this number.

PLEASE dispose of them ASAP and DO NOT call the toll free number!  It may not be a legitimate number and is not associated with NMTAP in any way!!

You may contact us at 505-841-4464 to obtain new brochures that will be available in the near future.

We apologize for any inconvenience or misunderstanding this may have caused.  We’re dedicated to serving persons with disabilities statewide with appropriate assistive technology services.

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Our Email Addresses Have Changed

All NMTAP and GCD Staff email addresses have changed from @state.nm.us to @gcd.nm.gov. Please update your contacts.

Extended Loan Period

Our Device Loans for most of the devices in our loan library are now 6 weeks! Devices that are in high demand are still limited to the 30-day loan period. Check with NMTAP staff to confirm the length of your device loan.

Check out our online database to explore the Assistive Technology in our loan library.

NMTAP hired a Digital Divide Coordinator for a one year project

Alice Shriver was hired recently to research and assess the digital gaps that exist for individuals with disabilities throughout New Mexico. We know gaps exist, however, information from impacted persons is needed to coordinate services for bridging these gaps.

Alice will provide information and training to individuals with disabilities as well as those of us who serve them. Her training will create or enhance digital accessibility statewide.

Before her new role, Alice had many years of experience with Assistive Technologies (AT) as a master designer of customized AT. Through her own physical rehabilitation, she realized the need for solutions to help her maintain independence in everyday activities.  She became a Master Maker in the Makerspace world, and she is currently co-founder and president of Nexus Abilities.

When you see Alice, please welcome her, and share the truths of your digital barriers as well as the obstacles you see others around you facing. Together, we can move forward to Digital Equity for all New Mexicans with disabilities, including those with challenges from the natural aging process.

To share your digital barriers only with Alice, check under Contact Us.

For standard device demonstrations and device loans, please contact our main office at 505-841-4464.

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NMTAP is a program of the State of New Mexico Governor's Commission on Disability, under a grant from the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Community Living.